The 2006 Millersville Parade

The General Reynolds Cornet Band in the 2006 Millersville Parade, held on October 28, 2006

The Millersville Parade moved out on schedule on Saturday at 9:00 AM even though it was still raining slightly.

While we were forming and getting ready for the parade, it was raining pretty hard, but we had bandmembers there with fortitude and determination.   We laughed and had a good time in the rain. As we moved down the street, the sun came out and we had a good parade.   We played well and it appears that we pleased the judges considerably... or so the parade commentator announced.

The rain appears to have kept some band members away who hd no faith in the weather forecast. The band consisted of Grace and Kathleen on Clarinets, Brian and Shawn on Trumpets, Stan and Pops on Trombones, and Ted and Christina on Baritones.   And, very importantly, Mel was there to drive the tractor.   We did very well.

The band came in second place in the band competition...not bad considering the competition included college and high school bands!!

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