Maris Jones


Maris B "Mace" Jones, the son of Theodore and Susanna Jones, was born on July 16, 1877. His family lived on Sand Hill Road, near the East Center School in Conestoga. In the early 1900's, Jones played the snare drum in the General Reynolds Cornet Band. In April of 1905, he and his wife, Elsie R. Jones, purchased  a house that had an attached bakery (known as "Keene's Bakery for its former owner) in Conestoga. The bakery, which became "Jones' Bakery" sold baked goods and sundry items such as sugar, flour, and candy. Jones had a bakery wagon that would make the rounds delivering his goods to his customers. The family operated the bakery for about five years, selling off a building lot, and then evenutally selling the property and business on March 28, 1910.

Jones died on December 21,1922, and is buried at the River Corner Mennonite Church in Conestoga.

Jones' house still stands in Conestoga, and is occupied by three current members of the General Reynolds Cornet Band.


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