Today's General Reynolds Cornet Band

A few members of the band at a practice at Millersville University's Lyte Auditorium.

After a nearly sixty year hiatus, the town of Conestoga again resounds with the strains of a community band. Conestoga's historic brass band has been revived by a group of local musicians who want to help bring back the tradition of the community band.

After holding an organizational meeting in the Spring of 2003 to determine if the level of interest in the community was sufficient to bring back the band met with a positive response, plans to revive the band moved ahead quickly. Now the band has about fifteen active members and is always looking for other interested people to join.  Membership is not limited to residents of Conestoga, but is open to any musicians who would be interested being in a band that would focus on communities of Conestoga, Manor, Pequea, and Martic Townships and surrounding areas.

The main purpose of the revived  band (see our mission) is simply to provide local musicians the chance to gather with their neighbors and play brass band music. Generally, the band  has decided to play music from the time period that the original community band existed. That is not too limiting, since the original band existed from the 1870s into the 1940ís. The band plays anything from ragtime, Dixieland, and Sousa marches, to big band music, and even music of the Civil War era (see our repertoire). The band intends its efforts to support local communities and their public organizations, bringing band music back to local events. The bandsmen are also interested in the history of the original General Reynolds Cornet Band and the other bands that have existed in the Conestoga area.

The new General Reynolds Cornet band stresses that it is forming for the enjoyment of the music and the fun of being in a band. Some members have joined because they are school students who want to be in a band, but because of other interests and activities, cannot make the time commitment to a high school band. Others are folks who love brass music but who have not found another outlet for their talents since non-school community bands are somewhat few in number. The ages of members range from junior high school students to senior citizens. The level of ability also spans a great range...and being a fantastic musician is NOT a requirement. A desire to work with the band to perform good music is the most important requirement.

Since its rebirth, the General Reynolds Cornet Band has enjoyed playing at concerts in local churches, historical society events, parades, and places such as the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (see our list of past events). We look forward to expanding our horizons while thoroughly enjoying the trip!

Some members of the  band after a concert at the Railroad Musem of Pennsylvania

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