The Mission of the General Reynolds Cornet Band

The mission of the General Reynolds Cornet Band is simply as follows:

1.      To play music for the enjoyment of its members and any audience that may be 

2.     To promote the heritage of the original General Reynolds Cornet Band of Conestoga 
        and the era of the community brass band in American history and culture.

3.     To present music indicative of the period of the original General Reynolds  Cornet  Band 
        (music that would have been played by community bands from the 1870ís through the 1940ís). 

4.     To promote community involvement in the band by inviting individuals of all ability levels to 
        take part regardless of their level of proficiency.

5.     To provide musical support at community events and for community organizations, regardless 
        of race, creed, religious affiliation, etc.

6.     To aide in nurturing the diversity, curiosity, and awareness of the arts  throughout Conestoga
        and the surrounding community

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